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The only thing that might be easier to use than our services, is our website. We have laid out everything within these pages so that we are able to answer any questions that might arise about what it is we offer. If you are still unclear or have any more questions, you can always contact us via the information that is at the bottom of the page. We want to take off all the stress that comes attached to finding the right help so that you can relax and focus on gaining knowledge. You will find that we have everything you need at Project Learn so that you can start learning and stop worrying.

What We Do. What We Offer

Point 1

First off, we offer you the chance to work with some of the brightest minds in the education field. All of our professionals have been working in the industry for years, and many of them have been with us since we started in the eighties. We know what they are capable of and soon you will too when you begin your lessons with them. This is not your typical form of teaching that you have grown accustomed to, as we do not believe that is the best way. We have developed our own methods over the years and we are constnatly changing them. As the world changes, so do our teachings. This flexible style is applicable to both the lesson planning and scheduling.

Point 2

Our lesson plans are completely unique to what you need right now in your life. You can have the exact same problem as another one of our clients, but if you sat down with that client and compared lesson plans you would find they were both drastically different. This is because each and every student is unique in the way that they learn. So the course material is only half of the issue, the other half is the style in which you retain information. Our instructors take both of these into consideration before they sit down with you and draw out your lesson plan. This way you know for a fact that you are going to get what you need. Communication is the key to your success.

Point 3

Finally, we place comfortability as one of the main components that we try to cater to when getting you the help you need. We know that when you are in an environment that is familiar to you, there will be less distractions. You can focus entirely on the lessons that are being presented to you and there will be little else taking your mind off the work. Also, it will allow you to not have to panic about getting somewhere on time. You can meet at your home or at our facilities at a time that fits perfectly into your schedule. As long as you reschedule within eight hours of your set time, there is not a problem. We know how things move around in the real world, so absolutely nothing is set in stone. Everything can be worked out with Project Learn.

Where and how did we begin? and who are the people we serve?

Answering the second question first, we look to serve all people. Anyone who is having issues in their life and wants to become better people are free to use our services. If you are willing to learn then we are willing to teach you the subject. As stated earlier, we truly believe that everyone should have equal access to top of the line education. This is the only way that we are able to succeed in life and precisely why we offer our services. You will see that you are working with instructors who have worked with some of the most reputable companies and universities in the world when you begin learning with Project Learn.

Project Learn started as a program to help immigrants assimilate into American culture. Our volunteers helped these brave souls learn the English langauge and the customs that come with American life. Thousands of immigrants poured through our classes in hopes of starting a better life in America and the majority of them succeeded. After seeing that our services were so popular and impactful we started offering services to individuals who had no formal education. Those who felt as if they were left out of the workforce simply because they could not afford to pay to go to college. This took off and we started seeing literacy rates skyrocket from those who graduated from Project Learn. Now we look to help all those in needs. We have several payment plans, scholarships and grant opportunities for those who are struggling with finances. If you want to learn, we have the service for you at Project Learn.

Our Commitment

Project Learn is completely committed to ending adult literacy all over the world. Although we are only local now we hope to one day be a worldwide company that brings education to those who need it most. We know that one of the staples toward living an independent and comfortable life is rooted in education. Martin Luther King Jr. knew the importance of pulling yourself up by your boot strings, Project Learn just wants to make sure all of the people on this planet have those boots.

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