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Fun and Education Event

At Project Learn Rhode Island we want our students to have fun while they learn. Adult literacy is something that we take seriously and sometimes that can be off putting. Students do not want to be judged or forced to do anything that they feel uncomfortable doing. This is why we offer our Fun and Education Event. This takes place once a week, and our students are allowed to mingle while also learning. They get to meet other students and discuss topics that they are currently learning. By incorporating these activities in a creative way, students often do not even realize that this is an education based event.

Sports Leagues

A major component of a healthy mind is also to have a healthy body. After sitting behind a computer all day, it is easy to forget to take care of your physical health. But that is a mistake that we do not allow our students to fall into. We have sports leagues for several different games that happen literally everyday. We even encourage our students to go outside during school ours and between breaks. Simply standing up and moving your legs around can truly make a difference. Our Sports Leagues allows students to stay competitive, fit and focused on a brighter future.

Alumni Alliance

When you graduate from Project Rhode Island, you are just starting your journey. But we never want you to think that you are no longer part of our family. You are always one of us, which is why we offer networking events each month for our alumnus. These mixers can help you find a job or even assist someone on their journey. At Project Rhode Island, we hold family to a high standard and we expect you to do the exact same thing. Also, all of our services are open to those who graduate from our program. Once a Project Rhode Island student, always a student.

Networking Events

Networking is not something that we take for granted with Project Rhode Island. We want all of our students to have the very best when the graduate from out program. A large part of that is the ability to actually network at different events. This is what it takes in order to be a real professional. So we have mock networking events that our students can participate in to prepare them for the real world. This is perfect for anyone who is dealing with nerves and anxiety that comes associated with networking. We have all been there before and we know how to assist you.

Job Fairs

When students graduate, they often struggle to find a reliable job that is in their field of study. You can scour the internet for months and not find anything that you feel it a good fit. This is why with each graduating class, you are able to participate in our popular Job Fair. It is so popular in fact that we often have alumni set up camp here if they start a business. Even alumni who are looking for a job come back and get a piece of our Job Fair pie. Make sure you get your fair share and participate in this popular event.

Rhode Island Seminars

Sometimes students need a few words of wisdom from someone who has gone through the struggle. Or hearing from one of your favorite authors about their most recent book could give you the kick you need. We have multiple seminars each month in a variety of subjects and topics. No matter what your interests or what you are struggling, you will be able to find a seminar that is right for you. With our vast network of alumni and our connections in every industry, we have speakers lined up to give you the motivation you need.

Scientific Lab)

We hear science based students tell us about the lack of lab time that is available on college campuses. There seem to be too many students and not enough resources. We heard the cries and we replied by amping up our services. We have had a major influx of students graduating with science specific degrees and we know it is directly correlated with our new labs. Students can use this for their projects and homework every day out of the week. We never close so that you can keep your mind open.

Arts Center

If you are studying the arts, you do not have to worry about someplace to showcase your art. Our one of a kind Arts Center is one of the nicest in the entire country. We hold showcases for professional artists once a month, and the rest of the month is dedicated to our students. We have had students sell their pieces and even start their career right in our Arts Center. When it comes to art, we know it is all about good exposure. That is why we opened the Arts Center and keep a constant flow of quality art as well as potential clients, employers and mentors flooding in the door.

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